Tumble Tots

Tiny Tots Gymnastics

The Tumble Tots class is the first opportunity your child has to spread their wings in the gymnastics environment and begin to explore this amazing world on their own without mom or dad. This provides your child a safe friendly environment to begin learning important social skills.

Our Tumble Tots class is the perfect transition to help your toddler get ready for preschool. These classes are created to be fun, fast-paced, and high-energy. In this class we focus on attaining the ability to overcome all obstacles, both mental and physical. Your child will also develop great social skills, as well as learn the fundamentals of gymnastics. This way your toddler has the foundation to become an all around amazing person.

This course is designed to match a preschooler’s boundless energy, children will be able to experience traditional gymnastics equipment along with ever-changing obstacle courses and circuits which enhance motor development and hand-eye coordination.